Fall in Full Swing


Fall is such a fantastic time, and a great opportunity to naturally engage your little ones. Below are some interactive experiences you can partake in before Autumn comes to an end.


(This post is a repost of pictures from our facebook page last year. We hope to have some new fall content soon!)

Fall Scavenger Hunt

Simply copy and paste this image to a word document and print it in full size. While a printed list works great for older children, a visual representation this helps younger children who may not have the vocabulary or concepts yet. It also works well when developing vocabulary in a second or third language (this is how we are intending on using it today).  It’s an easy way to enrich a walk or to spend some time together as a family.


Craft and Create

You can bring along a bag or bucket to collect some natural items while you are out on your walk and bring them back home to create scenes, collages or other artwork. Here are some animals (and a flower) I fashioned out of leaves, twigs, rocks and pinecones. I am curious to see what my two-year old will come up with!


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