Pumpkin Mania: Part 1


As promised, new fall content! I’m super excited about this four-part series since it was emergent curriculum in action. One outing blossomed into many experiences, providing my daughter with rich opportunities for hands-on learning. I hope our projects can inspire and encourage you to see the wonderful potential of pumpkins.

It started a few weeks ago when a dear friend asked us if we would be interested in going to a local Calgary gem: Cobb’s Corn Maze and Family Fun Park . While corn season was over, the place was full of pumpkins!

I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity, and so our learning journey began. I introduced my daughter to the following books (from my personal/professional library) and they became instant favourites. We’ve been reading about pumpkins daily for the past few weeks.

photo 4

These books were all ordered through Scholastics during my time as a preschool teacher. “This Pumpkin” is part of an excellent science-based series for young children. I will do a blog post to cover this series and its merits at a later time.

Each of these books was a non-fiction choice, full of real photographs. The language and concepts in these book prepared my almost two year-old daughter for the play that lay ahead. When we finally make it to the library, we will look for some more (fiction) books that tie into the ideas we have been contemplating.

photo 3

Our trip took place on a gorgeous day! We didn’t have a lot of time to spend, but my daughter was elated to climb and sit on pumpkins.

photo 1

We came across some smashed pumpkins and she curiously poked around. From our reading, she knew that pumpkins had seeds inside.

photo 2

There were also pumpkins for sale, so we brought one home to continue our learning. Later that week when we went grocery shopping, we saw all sorts of pumpkins for sale. I handed this one to my daughter and we talked about how small and bumpy it was. (Yes, those are bite marks. My daughter decided to take a bite while I turned around. She didn’t like the taste much).


Our pumpkin sat on the kitchen table for a week before we got to do anymore hands on work. In the meantime, we continued exploring the books, talking about things we may be able to do with the pumpkin.




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