Ramadan 2016 – Post #2: Setting up a Calendar


Having a daily calendar to accompany the passing of the month can be an easy way to be more intentional and make Ramadan a more engaging time for young ones. For more information on the purpose of a Ramadan Calendar as well as different formats, please refer to this post.

Last Ramadan was the first time I toyed with the idea of a Ramadan Calendar. I built the frame (which I plan on reusing in the years to come and for other purposes as well!) but I was a little bit stuck with filling up 30 days worth of things for my then 18 month old. This year,  I found it much easier to come up with content. Not only was my daughter older, but I also started thinking about what I wanted her to get out of Ramadan before the holy month began. And while this was a step up from last year, I still found myself tempted to use a commercial sticker calendar because I was not sure I would have this ready in time. In all honesty, it didn’t quite come together until the second week of Ramadan.

I wanted the content of the calendar to be meaningful for my daughter so I thought that focusing on social welfare and community was an appropriate big idea. Alhamdulillah we had the opportunity to serve various segments of our community- some of these ideas will be expanded on in future posts as the calendar really was the inspiration behind what I did with my daughter this Ramadan.

To make the calendar more user-friendly (i.e. engaging and functional for a 2.5 year old) I drew little illustrations on one side with words on the other to promote literacy skills. For children who do not read yet, including pictures on labels helps them independently derive meaning and also helps to make and reinforce relationships. If you are not an artist (or you are a perfectionist) including clip art photos works too!

While we didn’t remember to check the calendar each day (it wasn’t as much a part of our daily routine as I would have liked), and we weren’t able to do all 30 things included in the calendar, I know that the difficult part (creating a template) is over. Some of these ideas can be reused for next year and some new ones will be added. I have complete faith that this calendar will be even more beneficial to our family next year, God Willing.



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