Fall Fun


Fall is one of my favourite seasons. I love watching the leaves change colour. I love the warm days and cool crisp breezes. I love hearing the leaves crunch below my feet as a I walk and smelling hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin that seem to linger in the air. After becoming a mother, it gives me so much joy to be able to share in these experiences with my daughter.


Throwback to H’s first fall – 2014

Here are some photos of my daughter and niece enjoying the season.

While the brevity of fall reminds of the ephemeral nature of this life, this year, it seemed to go by particularly quickly. I was dealing morning sickness and a new job that zapped a lot of my energy, so we had a late start to our work with pumpkins this year. But here it finally is!


I have to admit that a huge part of my family’s motivation to work with pumpkins again was to have lots more pumpkin puree. Last year, it lasted us into the spring, and the delicious breads and pancakes became a staple in our house. It was a sad day when I used up the last of our puree to make pancakes as a surprise for my brother when I visited Toronto last April. He had gotten a taste when he visited me in January and fell in love.

Some of our experiences are similar to last year’s but the majority are new. Thank you for following us on our learning journey.





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