Ramadan 2017- Post #2- The Plan


So here’s the plan we came up with to do this year. Some of these ideas are repeated from last year. Others were planned for last year but didn’t materialize. Others are brand-spanking-new based on H’s needs and the blossoming community we have come to find ourselves a part of, alhamdulillah.

Once again, I grouped them into six general categories that made sense in our situation after brainstorming the long list.

Ramadan Plan for H – 2017


  • Soup jars for neighbours/hosts (6)- create and deliver
  • Make cupcakes – bring to Dadi’s House
  • Cook food to bring to Dadi’s House (ask H what she wants to cook…other than cupcakes)
  • Make chocolate covered dates (rolled in coconut flakes) or stuffed dates and other sweets like cookies etc and deliver to friends in the neighbourhood/family/bring to gatherings
  • Ramadan Skewers (fruit in shapes of stars and moons with dates on a skewer)/as part of a goody bag with dollar store items (bubbles, stickers etc) for her preschool class and neighbourhood friends. Also include short blurb for parents.
  • Make fruit salad


  • Listen to Ramadan songs (in car ride/at home); compile a youtube playlist and share with others
  • Stained glass geometric designs and lanterns (design in black and use tissue paper squares to fill) – decorate house- make extras for cousins so they can decorate Dadi’s house
  • Paper chains (patterning) – decorate house
  • Paper lanterns- decorate house
  • Make Ramadan card for a friend (and mail it)
  • Create visual duah list (collage style) and use each night
  • Make Eid Cards for family and friends
  • Make wrapping paper (stamping)

Islamic Learning

(*set aside consistent time each day to focus on this)

  • Memorize/Review Surah An Naas
  • Memorize/Review Surah Asr
  • Memorize/Review Surah Ikhlaas
  • Memorize Kalimah
  • Listen to/Learn Eid Takbir
  • Review Arabic Alphabet with blocks; once knows them, set up a scavenger hunt in backyard and reinforce with other games


(Ask other family members to take her to things I may not be able to with new baby)

  • Ramadan Gana Fair – (with nani before she leaves)
  • Moonsighting outing (pack blanket, hot chocolate, binoculars; if F not interested, partner with other local moms)
  • Scavenger Hunt with Ramadan Gift Baskets for all of the cousins as treasure (do at grandparent’s house at beginning of Ramadan); share scavenger hunt clues in a document on the blog so others can benefit
  • Go grocery shopping and buy items for people in need (to donate to food bank)
  • Go to Masjid (non-peak time)
  • Buy Eid Gifts
  • Attend Eid Potluck (MG)
  • Visiting the Elderly/Sick in care facilities/hospitals (MG) 
  • Group soup making after reading Bismillah Soup (MG)
  • Drop off sadaqa that has been collected (ask H what cause she wants to collect for and for ideas on how she can raise money)
  • Operation Eid Child or something similar

Global/Ummah Connections

  • Call/skype relatives in other places
  • Make a card/Write letter to sponsored orphans (Somalia and Bosnia)
  • Learn about Ramadan customs in other countries and learn about those countries (refer to National Geographic book)

Books to Read

(what we already own; add to list)

  • It’s Ramadan Curious George
  • Under the Ramadan Moon
  • Welcome Ramadan
  • Celebrate Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr with Praying, Fasting and Charity
  • Ilyas & Duck and the Fantastic Festival of Eid-al-Fitr
  • Je me soucie des autres
  • Je prends la bonne decision
  • Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns
  • Jameela’s Great Idea
  • Allah to Z: An Islamic Alphabet Book
  • Zaynab and Zakariya and the new Neighbour
  • The Little Green Drum
  • Resource: Allah to Z Activity Book
  • Resource: A Life Like Mine: How children live around the world

(what I’ve ordered)

  • Ramadan Moon
  • Hassan and Aneesa Love Ramadan

Hope this plan encourages you to think about Ramadan for your little ones!


Ramadan 2017- Post #1: Introduction and Overview

A few days ago, the month of Shaban started. This means there’s a little under a month left before the holy month of Ramadan is here! Traditionally, I do my series of Ramadan blog posts during or after Ramadan (once I’ve had time to take photos, implement and reflect). However, given my reality this year (the newest addition to our family is set to join us sometime in the next few weeks, God willing) I’m trying to get ahead of it so that H can benefit (and hopefully the rest of you too!).
The truth is that I’m going to be exhausted this year and I’m not sure about how many of these plans will actually materialize, but this is a very special Ramadan for H (and me!) InshaAllah we will have a total of 5 cousins this year spending at least part of Ramadan in Calgary and in my books, more children = more festive!
H is also about 3.5 years old now. This is the year where she’s really starting to get it. She’s been attending preschool since December and has in some way recognized Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. It’s important to me that her understanding of and excitement surrounding Ramadan surpass that.
Logistically, one of the biggest decisions I have to make is whether I want to use the interactive calendar I have been using in years past. I’ve come up with a list of things we’d like to do in Ramadan this year (with H’s input) but given the reality of a new (unpredictable) baby, I think it feels too pressured and structured to have one item per day (and have that decided ahead of time). Instead, I think this year we will use the Ramadan sticker calendar that’s on clearance through Discovery Dome to mark the progression of the month and create another system to help decide what we will be doing and when.
ramadan chart
My next post will feature our plan for 2017, divided into six categories that made sense for our purposes. I think I will prioritize the top aspects of each category to make sure those get addressed- we will tackle the rest of them as time and circumstances permit.
I know that it may still seem a little early to start talking to your children about Ramadan. Given what’s been going on in our house the past few days, H keeps asking “Is it Ramadan yet? Is it? Is it?” I know the excitement about Ramadan is going to be punctuated with excitement about the new baby so I’m not worried about her excitement burning out.
I’m excited about posting more specifics and sharing photos of how our month unfolds as I get the chance. In the meantime, I plan to post some resources that I’m creating for the children in my life with hopes that they can benefit the children in yours! All that I ask is that you please remember my family and I in your prayers and link back to this site (credit Discovery Dome) if you use/share.
Wishing you ease and success as you prepare for the beautiful Month of Mercy,

– Madiha